“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”



The streets of Cambodia are cluttered with discarded cement, feed and grain bags. Each of our products are handcrafted from these materials. A cleaner environment starts with acts as simple as these. 



Australian Aid 4 Cambodia is an organization CEMENT6 has partnered with whose mission is simple; Help the poor with their basic necessities.  AA4C provides a free supplementary and technical education for students in the village of Pgnea Chey. They also provide a weekly food drive for the children. CEMENT6 works with local teachers to assess the needs of these children in the form of tutoring, food, school supplies, books and teacher salaries. Learn more or donate directly at povertyaid4cambodia.org.au



Stepping Out is a transitional home in Siem Reap that provides safe accommodation for youths when they leave the orphanage. The program is extremely important as these young adults are particularly vulnerable to the lucrative offers of human traffickers. This program was developed by Clare Holeman in 2011 and there are now 20 youths that Stepping Out fully support. The aim of this program is to secure employment for these individuals and give them the skills to lead independent, self-sufficient lives. This will enable them to break free from the "cycle of poverty". Learn more or donate directly at facebook.com/steppingout.cambodia



Khmer Life is recognized by the Artisans Association of Cambodia as well as the World Fair Trade Organization. They are a group of individuals living in the Chamkar Morn District where many are victims of landmines and polio disabilities. These men and women have worked hand in hand with us to bring our ideas and designs to life.



Friend and business partner Sothea Yung began her movement in 2007. She is directly responsible for recognizing a need within her community that she could fulfill. She began hiring villagers who had no real source of income and relied mainly on what they could produce themselves. Since 2007, she has created numerous jobs throughout Cambodia. CEMENT6 works directly with her team to create quality products that employs over 40 men and women in Phnom Penh. Both employment groups have provided alternative employment opportunities outside of the substandard garment industries.



CEMENT6 is proudly veteran owned and operated. Jeremy served two combat tours to Iraq with the Marine Corps and Susannah flew with the Air Force AWACS both stateside and on counter drug operations in South America. We are passionate about what we do and would enjoy passing on our enthusiasm to other veterans. CEMENT6 is working to form an annual scholarship to one veteran per year in hopes that they too can create a positive impact within their community.